Biographical Notes

The presumption behind a "Biographical Notes" page is that anyone actually cares to read such stuff. Here in VitoSpace, we're not convinced that's the case. Hence these particular biographical notes are afflicted with the same devil-may-care irreverence that characterizes the rest of VitoSpace. For joy.

Vito was born on planet Earth in the same month that Claude Shannon and Warren Weaver published The Mathematical Theory of Communication. The world has not been the same since then. There is undoubtedly a correlation between what has happened in the interim and at least one of those two events.

Vito attended a Catholic parochial school--not by choice, but because that's where all good Catholic famblies sent their kids. Grandfather Vito did not attend church.

" Grandpa going to hell because he doesn't go to church?"


That was the first clue that somebody was bullshitting me...and it didn't turn out to be either Mom or Grandpa.

A bunch of other stuff happened, leading up to today, wherein there is at least as much bullshit extant as there was in those earlier times. Don't blame me. You voted for the bums.




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