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The Birth of Reason, c. 1963

Subjects listed below connect to corresponding pages...unless they don't, in which case "we" haven't created the corresponding pages yet. We'll do it when we get a round tuit. All we have right now is these bizarre trapezoidal tuits...and they're too weird for prime time.

Not that this site isn't weird, if you catch our drift.

By the way, this is the region of "Bob" (the universe) quaintly known as "Old VitoSpace", onna counta it was the first website we originally had the temerity to conceive and create. If you're looking for the most recent incarnation, please visit New VitoSpace.

Cosmic Stuff...and The Hoggie's Whistle

Answers To Important Questions About The Universe

Dancing with "Bob"

The Movie Principle of Life

YerBasic Native Alien

The Alien's Old Ship


Seiddzi Frovesty

An Interview With Fortney Reeverzaintt

Hizzoner, The Mayor of Haingañia

The Royal Palace

Bad Literature... Go Lie Down!

The Saga of AfterMan

Vamptner Wooth

The Tale of Leetle Rosalita

The Tale of Little Feenley Bozenquainxter

The Tale of the Nested Schmaingts

Charmed, I'm Sure
    ...or, Why Bobney Foont Preferred Industrial Sewage to Politicians

Lost His Funding

Music & Other Stuff

Dangerous Noises




The McGuinnerator


Birth Defects

 Professional Journals of Doom

Bio Notes

Pyafft and Squeeve

OK, I'm comin'...

Pipes & Weedage

Weed Reviews


Dr. Vito's Custom Blends



Blah, Blah, Blah

Pipa Croci, dal 1983


Essays & Articles

Hall of Fame

 Not Science At All

Rank Speculation


He knew


The Prognosis

Good Guys

Hall of Shame

Activism Lifts Its Leg



It wasn't easy

Zargon,  Master  of Destiny

Yeah... Right

Not Again...

The Red Pill

Life is a movie

Zovolargh,  Master  of  Zargon

Doot Buckets

Pwaaah and Neeve


Road Warmers I Have Known

The Central Scrutinizer

The Chill Pill

But you must act now!