The Tale of Little Feenley Bozenquainxter

One day little Feenley Bozenquainxter was walking down by the old wastewater meter at Rhône-Poulenc. He was walking along cheerfully in a carefree sort of mood, whistling merrily as he went on his way. (merry whistling noises)

As he neared the bridge over the babbling brook of industrial sewage, suddenly a mean old troll leaped onto the path in front of him, exclaiming, "Har! I'm hungry, little Feenley Bozenquainxter, and I aim to eat you for my breakfast!"

Poor little Feenley, startled by the sudden appearance of the hideous troll, pleaded for his life. "Oh no, Mr. Mean Old Troll...please don't eat me for your breakfast..."

But it was too late; the mean old troll sprung into the air to pounce on poor little Feenley and gobble him up. Seeing that there was no reasoning with the troll, Feenley quickly resigned himself to the inevitable. He reached into his back pocket, whupped out his portable flamethrower and exclaimed, "Eat this, bozo!", and zorched the troll to cinders in mid-air.

Then little Feenley Bozenquainxter went merrily on his way.

Eat a nourishing breakfast BEFORE you start your day... preferably one that doesn't carry a flamethrower.

The End

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