One day, when leetle Rosalita was'a walk'a down'a Yellow Brick Road, some bastoord who his name is Scumbubble Richardhead did coming up to her. Well, leetle Rosalita, she don't like it so much for to seeing thees bastoord, and she make "Blecccchhh!" at him. But thees bastoord, he thinking that she is escared from him, and so he saying, "Oh, look how you are crying now!"

So, leetle Rosalita say to heem, "Never mind, bastoord! I weel making you to swallow them, some hand grenades, eef you are making me so scared on you. All your friend, they are calling you 'Dick', I bet. Besides, you are steenking in my nose. And your face, he is ugly. And nobody like you."

Well, thees not so good for bastoord, for that leetle Rosalita should not liking him. For because ees not such good idea for to making her be all piss off, and everything. Especially at wrong time of month. But thees stupid bastoord, he not knowing what tough leetle ballbuster is leetle Rosalita. So he think he going to make scare to her, and he thinking, "Hah, when she will whipping out hand grenade, I will jumping on her, for that she can never to pulling it, the pin of grenade."

So, dumb shit, he trying to make scare on her, and just wait for her to pulling out hand grenade.

But leetle Rosalita, she not so dumb for him. When he starting to make scare at her, she fooling him, and pulling out special little bazooka from purse, and say to heem, "BLAM!" Then bazooka rocket making hamburger of him, for that he don't make to scare on somebody no more.

Stoopid bastoord.

The End

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