Anchorpoint Webworx designed this website. Who are those guys, anyway? You never see them at parties. They have a spiffy logo (depicted at left), which can double as a coat rack for mice if you can manage to get it off the page. (Hint: Try lifting the edge. It's a bit tricky, but you'll get it if you work at it.)

Anyhow, you'd think they'd want everybody to know how to contact them since they did such an awesome job building this VitoSpace website, but they're obviously mutants, and that's not the way mutants work. They do the unexpected. I mean, these Anchorpoint guys don't even have a website. That's how special they are. Or something.

Consequently, as of this writing, their Official Story is that they're not accepting any new website construction projects. But unofficially, they'll prolly accept a project from The Right Person™. You know who you are.

So, if you're you and you want to talk to Anchorpoint Webworx about building a site for you, send an email message to Foonbest Patroove. He'll see what he can do for you. Tell him Vito sent you.



Anchorpoint Webworx

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