Dancing With "Bob"


In case you missed our Answers To Important Questions About The Universe page, the universe's name is "Bob". On that basis, there is a certain perspective from which one can view the complex interactions between ourselves and the rest of the universe as a kind of dance. It's a bizarre dance, to be sure, but then so is much of the behavior of the human species.

Anyhow, if you look upon your interactions with "Bob" as a dance, it might be instructive to imagine what that dance must look like to others...sort of a Gedankenexperiment in real-world interpretive dance, or something to that effect.

From that perspective, you might immediately recognize that "Dancing With Bob" is just another application of the movie principle of life. Sure, maybe space aliens aren't really watching through their interstellar videoscopes, but then again, you don't need anything quite so remote as space aliens to peg the Weirdness Meter™. Any number of yer fellow humanoids right here on Planet Oith will suffice for that purpose.

The point here (assuming there is one) is that if people — other creatures — were watching, how would your behavior appear to them? That is, how would they interpret your Dance With Bob? Would you show up as an unprincipled scumbag who can't be trusted...who lies, cheats, steals (and that includes stealing other people's ideas without credit to their creators)?

You may consider that a rhetorical question. That's your choice. But before you shrug it off and go about your business, consider the possibility that the way you truthfully answer that question says more about your character than any noises you can make with your mouth. It's the subject addressed by the old maxim, "What you do speaks so loudly that I can't hear what you say."

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